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Charged With Theft?  We Can Help

Theft is the most common crime, by a large margin, in the United States.  As such, we see a lot of them.  In Maine, the most common type of theft we see is Theft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer, 17-A M.R.S. 352. This is the classic theft, when at the time of the alleged taking, the defendant allegedly had the intent to permanently deprive another person of their property.  Such an allegation, if proved, can be of the most serious consequence to the individual convicted of this crime. 


This is so because thefts fall under a class of crimes considered "crimes of dishonesty or moral turpitude".  As such, employers routinely decline to hire people with theft convictions, out of fear that they may steal from the business, its customers, or are just generally dishonest. It bears repeating - you may not be able to get a job, anywhere, if you have a theft conviction.  Furthermore, a theft conviction may result in severe travel restrictions, such as being deemed inadmissible to certain countries, including Canada. Moreover, such convictions can lead to life changing immigration consequences for non-citizens, such as removal from the United States.  

There are many other types of thefts, such as Theft by Deception, Theft of Services, Receiving Stolen Property, Unauthorized Use of Property, and our personal favorite - Theft of Mislaid Property (don't keep that wallet you found on the ground!).  Click here for a list of thefts and their elements under Maine law.

Regardless, take a theft charge with the upmost seriousness and attention.  Get an experienced lawyer that knows the defenses and alternative negotiated agreements that can keep this serious conviction off your record.  Call today for a free review of your case.

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