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Criminal Law

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McKenna, PLLC has extensive experience in criminal defense.   We handle all types of criminal cases.  Explore below for resources on some of the most common situations and important information,

Criminal Law Resources


How Judges Determine Exactly How Much Jail Time or Fines

Judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys must follow certain principles in determining an appropriate sentence.  You can't just come up with a number out of thin air.


Defenses to Possession of Scheduled Drugs

There are numerous defenses to possession of scheduled drugs.  Here are just a handful and each depends on the particular facts and circumstances of your case.

Drunk Driving Consequences. 

The court can do the obvious: order you to jail, probation, fines or license suspension.  However, for some people it is the least of their worries.  It’s the things that happen to you outside of court as a result of a OUI conviction that really case damage and worry. 

Potential Sentences and Punishment

If you are convicted of a crime you will be sentenced by the court.  Sentencing is a very complex and involves numerous legal and factual determinations to complete.